Readings & Circles

I would love for you to join me for a session where we can focus on the troubles that are heavy on your heart and help you to navigate through any season of your life. I do both one on one readings and circles where people can connect and support each other.


Sign into zoom at your scheduled time, and we'll take a moment to breathe together with your intention. During the session, I will share the messages I am getting and may ask additional questions to guide the reading.


I always offer the option to record our sessions so you can revisit them at any time.

Afterwards, I follow up with an email including the recording of your session. Note: If you would like to reschedule, please give me at least 24hrs notice. If you miss your scheduled time, there will be no refund or rescheduling.



Burning Question Reading

15 minutes to sit down with me and see if we can get answers for the burning question(s) on your mind.

Clarity Tarot Reading

A 30 minute session where we explore the questions on your heart together or for a general reading for the present moment.

Extended Clarity Reading

One hour where we explore the questions on your heart together or for a general reading for the present moment.

Personal Life + Card of the Year Session

Learn about your life card and your year card archetypes. Discover how they relate to your innate gifts and needs in the present moment and walk away with a deeper understanding of your purpose(s) and path.

Year Ahead Tarot + Oracle Medicine

Prepare for the 5 seasons ahead with an energy forecast and recommended practices for each. *Can be booked at any time of the year.

Dream Exploration | Tarot + Oracle

Is there a dream you’d like more insight on? Our dreams communicate with us constantly but in a language it takes practice to understand. This hybrid dreamwork session may include the use of tarot and oracle cards for deeper insight into the themes of the dream. You do not need anything to prepare for this reading other than a specific dream to share from memory.


Sacred Writing Circle

Sacred writing a journaling practice something you know benefits you but you struggle to stay consistent? This is a familiar story. Sacred writing with me is a 1-1.5 hour group writing session where I bring a central focus and we write together. There is never any pressure to share what you write but you’ll leave having written. All you need is a pen and paper. You may also wish to bring a talisman.

Temple of Dreamers Circle

Have a dream you need insight on? Want to practice active listening and interpretation? Temple of dreamers is the container I have created to support fellow dreamers so we can help each other access the medicine of our dreams.

Tarot Circles

We gather to discuss our pulls, what we are learning, and ask each other for insight! Part study group, part community check in, outside of a live reading with me this is the best way to get some gentle guidance on your personal practice.



We come together regularly live on Zoom and participate in sacred writing circles, temple of dreamers, and tarot circles.


Personal Tarot Readings, dream guidance, new and full moon collective transmissions, and educational content 

Not sure which reading is right for you?

Send me a message, and I would love to help you find the right path for your spiritual growth and healing.

Events & In-Person Readings

If you're in middle Tennessee and would like to have me do a reading or event in person, please contact me for a quote.