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If you can talk to a plant, you can talk to a planet.

Attuning with plants and planets doesn’t mean we are “personifying” non-human beings. This is one of those misconceptions it seems like people don’t ask about, they just assume that is how magicians and cunning people operate and run with that assumption.

In reality, we step back to see that humans have created a false hierarchy. We don’t have to humanize other beings to notice the already-existing relationship we have with them. And it is a process of noticing, not forcing connection or willing them to “talk” to us. Sometimes I use the word talk as shorthand but when we engage with other humans, we don’t always use language to get our messages across.

So when I say, if you can talk to a person you can talk to a plant, I am not meaning to imply that humans and plants communicate the same way. We don’t. One thing we can benefit from learning as humans is how to deeply listen. Communicating with non-human beings is great practice and other people in our sphere benefit as a by-product, not the point of engaging. You see, this is a process of reframing. Not everything we do needs to directly benefit us in a material, instant way.

Seeing the ways that we are interconnected with all beings is how we break the spell of transactionality and obligation that unchecked capitalism has cast on us. Of course, the human-centric view didn’t spring out of nowhere and is deeper than just capitalism. There are living cultures that still engage with non-human beings and those folks don’t need this invitation to engage with plants, planets, and other more than human beings in the way many of us do. That is not the culture I live in and likely not what you’re living in if you were called to read this.

Humans are more often confusing, and indirect, and are more likely to manipulate, sometimes unintentionally. In my experience, plants do not usually operate this way. The trickster may appear in many forms but most plants are incredibly direct. Communicating with them can feel too easy or like nothing is happening at all when you try. This doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong, we are conditioned to expect immediate responses.

If you sit with a plant and return to commune over and over with no agenda beyond getting more intimately connected, you will experience answers to questions you didn’t consciously ask. The more I practice sitting with and attuning to planets, the more capacity I have to sit and be. Meditation, or being still in general, is not easy for ADHD folks (maybe not easy for most people) but it is getting easier to sit still in silence to listen.

My time attuning with Jupiter in particular has shown me some specific connections to plants and ancestors that need more of my attention. Most of this work is slowing down and listening. A lot less "doing" is required than feels comfortable. As I deepen my capacity to listen and be still, the more I am able to do less and be.

Yuletide Blessings,



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