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How to stay grounded during the holidays

December might be the most stressful month of the year for highly sensitive people. While it is the slowest time for my business, it is the most action-packed for folks who work in many industries. I have had many jobs in the past and I do not miss being a retail worker or server. Working with the public is stressful enough, added holiday chaos makes it even worse. Don't even get me started on the overstimulation of family gathers and potentially dealing with relatives with poor boundaries.

We can't always quit the job or decline invitations. If we could, we probably wouldn't need the supportive tools I will be sharing here. Let's get into it.

Here are some ways I have learned to cope with holiday overwhelm.

Remember the tools you already have

In times of stress, it is easy to forget all the useful techniques and tools you've collected during the year. Did you take a mindfulness workshop in February that helped you? Read a book that had a helpful concept you've put back on the shelf?

Take a moment to take stock of what you know helps you in particular. Make a little list. Seeing it in print will help you remember oh yeah, I do have knowledge for supporting myself through this time! We all have different needs. What works for you may not work for the next person but knowing what supports you is the first box to check here. The act of writing it down also helps with recall even if you decide to ditch the physical list or like me, lose such things quickly when managing other tasks.

Address physical needs first

We all have access to breath but it is one of those intrinsic needs we may disregard. Intentional breathwork is medicine but you don't have to get fancy or step away from whatever you're doing to replenish the well and fill your lungs.

We also all need water and nourishment for our bodies to sustain us. I know this is obvious but I also know I forget to eat and hydrate often which leads to another layer of mysterious grumpiness until I remember. Add in some food allergies and eating at other peoples' houses and you got a recipe for a mental breakdown. Don't run on empty. Eat, drink, and remember to breathe!

Create an inner temple to reset

There are different versions of the inner temple. The idea of creating a space within isn't new, it is ancient. You may be familiar with the Romans' method of loci, the practice of storing information in visual and narrative form to help with recall, the inner temple offers a space for you to get grounded and reset within.

Ever notice how some spiritual folks talk about looking within but there isn't a lot of explanation for what that means exactly? Well, building your own inner temple is an accessible framework to begin spending more time as the observer and creator. As above, so below. As within, so without. You cannot control all this outside but you can create a sanctuary inside that offers you spaciousness and room for ritual, contemplation, and reality creation. Creating your inner world with intention reframes and often changes your external circumstances in significant ways.

I have just released a new downloadable workshop for creating your inner temple. It is a two-part audio. You can listen to the instructions on the go and save the guided meditation for building your temple when you get 30 minutes to yourself, which may be bedtime. That space between waking life and dreams is a great time to begin the journey. I have created these recordings to be quick and potent for busy, overwhelmed people who want to experience and consciously create their own innerpeace.


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