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Q: I thought tarot was divination. How is tarot a healing tool?

A: My style of reading isn't predictive or focused on parroting traditional meanings of cards.


I work in the present moment and on our role in co-creating our future. Tarot is a powerful tool for self-reflection and personal empowerment.


We can use this connection to acknowledge our role in our experiences.

Q: I want to learn to read tarot. Where can I start?

A: Pulling a card a day is how I started cultivating my relationship with the tarot.


You can also find a loving and supportive community (and access to over 400 posts on tarot and herbal education) on Patreon.

Q: WTF is Timeline Jumping?

A: Timeline Jumping is a modality I utilize for helping folks embody the version of themselves they choose to be. This practice is great for folks who know the assignment and have done innerwork to some work to deprogram themselves and are ready to expand into more of themselves. A longer explanation can be found here.

Q: Can a tarot reading predict my future?

A: Some readers work with predictions. I do not. I get intuitive hunches and let my clients know so they can prepare for situations to come, however I do not lean heavily on predictions.

We are co-creating our futures and sharing a prediction can alter your actions and become a self-fulfilling prophecy because of your belief that it will occur.

I have predicted events for clients with accuracy but I cannot promise that you’ll leave a session with a prediction. That's not the purpose of the readings I give.

Q: Can I ask health-related or legal questions?

A: You can ask anything however it likely won’t be a valuable use of your session time. I am not a physician or a lawyer.


I can read for someone who has a future appointment booked with a doctor or offer support for someone heading into a courtroom however medical and legal advice I will not give as doing so violates my personal code of ethics and I am not an expert in these fields.

Q: Is it true that you must be gifted your first tarot deck?

A: No, it is not. Buy your own deck. Be free! There are very few actual rules when it comes to tarot.


Don't let myths mainly circulated by people who don't work with the tarot stop you from buying a deck you feel a connection with.

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