Myth is a neurodivergent queer tarot reader and intuitive guide living and working in middle Tennessee. They are also a dreamer, a writer, and life-long plant person.


Myth considers themselves a guide rather than a healer. Their highest interest is serving and supporting others with their tools and knowledge to heal themselves and cultivate their own practices.

Naomi sits at a table with a calm, warm smile on their face and a deck of tarot cards in their hands
Purple flowers bathe in the sunlight


Some folks ask what is a sleepy house? Why did you choose that name?


Sleepy House Healing came from a dream of mine. Sort of. When I was thinking of a name for this work, this one came through from spirit. The liminal realm between our waking realities and our dreamspaces is one of the most potent grounds for exploration. I wanted to evoke that threshold in my offerings and felt it could encompass both my dreamwork practice and my intuitive tarot guidance.


In dreams, we have access to our own spiritual homes where our ancestors still reside. Maybe you have a cave. Maybe you have a longhouse or a folk Victorian. I wanted the name to remind us that the dwelling within exists.

When I told my mother this name, she asked me how could I remember? And I had no idea what she meant until she told me my great grandmother Beebee used to rock me to sleep and tell me (and all children) to go to sleepy house. That was something she repeated often. I have no conscious recollection of this phrase, but it still stayed with me.

And that is how it was not named but remembered.


Welcome to Sleepy House Healing. 


Hi! I'm so glad you found me.

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